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Jose Manuel Navia // Nostos

176 pages. 
Printing: Brizzolis. 
Binding: Ramos. 
Publisher: Ediciones Anómalas. 
Date: October 2013. 

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This book, the result of more than twelve years of work, is in some ways a reflection about the essential journey that is life itself, but told through the images of a photographer who has made that journey his chosen path and vocation. This book is concerned with seeing the world, hoping to recognise rather than discover; to know that by looking we will find ourselves as well in a journey to some extent circular, of a return to the beginning. the Greek word nostos means journey or voyage; departure but above all, return. (Nostos is also the root of nostalgia.) The first nostos was The Odyssey and since then the journey has been the model and metaphor of human life.


José Manuel Navia was born in Madrid in 1957.

A graduate in Philosophy, José Manuel Navia is based in Madrid. He captures his subjects with a rare and subtle range of colours combining deep blacks with delicate monochromes or strong and striking colours. 
While he has had a long relationship with the press, he has always been committed to his approach to colour. Especially since his great love of literature (Lusitanian among others) feeds his photographic creations and transforms his journey into literary ones. He often travels with well known authors and when this is not possible, he plans his voyage in the steps of famous writers ranging from Roa Bastos to Sallinger and García Márquez to Pessõa. 
Nothing his beneath his photography, may it be architecture, landscape, street scene, technology or even traditional fishing, as long as he has the time to find the perfect ray of light that will lighten up his subjects at their best and make the colour paramount.

His work is published in several Spanish and European media, maintaining close ties with El País newspaper. Navia was awarded many awards amongst which the First Prize of Fotopress in 1987, the Conde de Barcelona Foundation / La Vanguardia newspaper, and the Spanish Geographical Society 2006 Image award.

His photographs are part of various collections and museums (The Madrid Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, La Fábrica Gallery (Madrid), The Marugame Museum in Japan, etc...)